Innovative Police fitness program

Elite Police Training Jan 9

Survival of the fittest: Cranberry Police volunteer to get in shape

Cranberry Township launches a new and innovative voluntary fitness program creating opportunities for police officers, in the fast-growing Butler County community, to reduce stress, work injuries and be physically and mentally fit for any law enforcement situation that comes their way.  The program, called Elite Police FIT (Fitness Incentive Training) focuses on individual officer physical fitness and wellness, tailored specifically for the needs of law enforcement. Incentives highlight individual achievement of six different fitness norms based on age and gender all approved by the prestigious Cooper Institute.  The Township reports almost 90 percent of the force volunteering for the program.

Police fitness training programs are surprisingly rare largely due to rules protecting worker’s privacy, particularly when it involves health issues. "This is a unique and innovative program,” according to Dick Hadley, chairman of the Board of Supervisors.  “It grew out of the Township’s commitment to a healthy, high quality work environment.”  

Hadley noted that the FIT program is another example of “Cranberry’s embrace of private sector partnerships in achieving its goals.” Elite Police FIT is a collaboration among the Township, Cranberry based Performance Inspired which provides based nutritional supplements to Cranberry’s police force.   

Performance Inspired’s Tom Dowd, whose company is supporting the program, explained its importance: “Together with my business partners, actor, producer and businessman Mark Wahlberg and Golden State Warriors star and Olympic Gold Medalist Draymond Green, we created Performance Inspired to make high-performance, all-natural nutritional products that help others live a healthy, more active lifestyle while giving back to our communities.  For us, Cranberry’s Elite Police FIT program was the perfect vehicle for using our products to benefit this great community.”  

In describing the significance of Police Elite FIT, Police Chief Kevin Meyer pointed to the challenges specific to law enforcement officers.  “Police work tends to alternate between quietly cruising in a patrol car and launching into a flat-out sprint when an incident occurs,” he said.  “The transition is usually immediate, so the demands on your body can be tremendous.  Maintaining physical strength and endurance as well as a positive mindset, are critical to effective police work.  The Elite Police FIT program is designed to help our officers achieve that level of readiness.”  

Other speakers at the kickoff event included Paul Uhler of MSA Safety, Ron Lewis of Westinghouse, and FBI Academy Health and Fitness Instructor, John Van Vorst.