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We have created a wait list
CTPA has hit 800 members and decided not to accept members at this time but we have set up a wait list for those interested in becoming members. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we also hope you understand that we want to give our current members adequate opportunity to play without the courts getting to crowded.  

You can join the wait list by calling Parks & Recreation Customer Service, Ph: 724-779-4386, or sign up below.

There is a $30 charge to join the wait list and this charge will be applied only to your future membership. We expect membership to reopen beginning January 1, 2022, when current members have completed their renewals.  We will fill every available spot up to 800 members, and then restart the wait list until we have the new courts built - which we anticipate will be by late summer 2022.  At this time, we expect we will have enough capacity for 1100 members. 

We have three wait lists, 

  1. Cranberry Residents - Join the Resident Wait List
  2. Non-Residents - Join the Non-Resident Wait List
  3. Register for our New PB-1/Fast Track Clinic Beginners & Early Learners Program and avoid the $30 wait list fee. Learn more about PB-1

Please know that the $30 charge will be applied only for a 2022 membership.   

Below, is an excellent description on being a CTPA Members and why we are growing so fast!

Benefits of Membership

  • HAVE FUN & GET EXERCISE: CTPA is all about having fun and being able to play with friends. Many games are available with fun in mind.
  • EXCLUSIVE HOURS:  CTPA Members will have exclusive court hours and access via their membership cards. We ask all members to display their cards during CTPA times.
  • CLUB RATING : For more level style playing CTPA offers evaluations and promotional evaluations to get to a higher level of play.  All members have the option to be evaluated for a higher level when they are ready.
  • COMPETITIVE PLAY ASSURED: Because of ratings, you are assured of playing against players of a similar skill level. 
  • MULTI-LEVEL GAMES: We have a lot of games that are pure fun and are multi-level so friends of different levels can play together.
  • PLAYER DEVELOPMENT:  If you want to improve your skills you have to do the drill!  CTPA offers our Pickleball Academy that is composed of over 20 different clinics.
  • EARLY LEARNERS: Starting out can be intimidating and this program are for our beginners to make them comfortable in playing the game and a chance to improve.   It is done in a fun environment with a CTPA volunteer who helps you understand and play the game better.
  • INDOOR PLAY: CTPA will try to have indoor play at the Cranberry Township Municipal Center and other facilities that we can rent.  Each year we try to make more sessions available but we are very limited in space and facilities are not always available.   Therefore we cannot make any guarantees that all days and times will be available.   There is a small charge to play indoors.  Our ultimate goal is to build our own indoor facility.
  • EXPANDING PICKLEBALL: As a member, you are helping to pay off the debt for building the new eight  outdoor courts, and to meet our goal of building five more courts. We have the space to expand to another 10 courts but WE must raise the money to do so. Your membership helps in this effort and to further expand pickleball to other in the area.
  • LARGEST PB CLUB: CTPA  is one of the largest pickleball association in the state. There are few PB organization that provide a wide range of organized play to satisfy players of all skill ranges in the nation. CTPA does this and more.  We are an all-volunteer organization.   We program our own schedule and if there is something specific you like, you can help us make it a reality.
  • All this for less than $8 /month.: One of the lowest price  offered in Cranberry Township Parks & Recreation for a sports membership. Click here for the fastest way to learn Pickleball...

New CTPA PB-1/Fast Track Clinic & Early Learners Program

Anyone who is new to pickleball must start with this clinic and program to become a CTPA member.   If you are not an experienced player and try to join CTPA as a new member, you will struggle to establish  a good foundation to learn the game.   Most new members who join without the training PB-1 end up unhappy with pickleball.   This is why we developed this program as it transition beginners how to properly play the game and build a good foundation to learn additional skills to improve your game.   

Click here for more information on PB-1/Fast Track Clinic & Early Learners Program

When I join, what happens next?

When you purchase a membership online or at Cranberry Customer Service, your email address will be sent to CTPA volunteers who will send you an email from" Cranberry Township Pickleball Association to register on Court Reserve and answers your questions.  Depending when you join, when the township notifies us and our volunteers sends this email it could be from 1-4 days.  If you do not receive a letter after 5 days please email us.  See email below.  

"This email coming to you to register with Court Reserve will include a link to a 4 minute video that we recommend watching before registering. Once registered, please update your profile on Court Reserve. The default Club Rating for all new players is 2.5. If you are an experienced player and would like to be evaluated for a level higher than 2.5, the request should be emailed to: within 30 days of joining CTPA."

We have a New Member page on our web site that you can access here for more detail information  New Member Introduction and Procedures   

If you sign up online, stop by the Parks & Recreation Customer Service desk to get your  membership card so we can get you playing as quickly as possible.  

You cannot play without a membership card.  With your card, you will receive our  "Welcome to CTPA" document to answer some of your questions.  You can preview the document here, Welcome to CTPA

At anytime if you have a questions please email  

Pickleball  CTPA membership cardCTPA Membership

Order CTPA Membership here  

NOTE: as of June 21, 2021, new memberships are suspended. You may join our wait list.

Online Membership Registration is open 

 You can also order your membership in person at Cranberry Township Parks & Recreation desk. Call 724-779-4 FUN (4386) x 1129 to verify their open hours.

2021 Membership

Cranberry ResidentNon-Resident
2021 Membership

Good from Jan 1, 2021 until Dec. 31, 2021.



Pickleball the way you want it.  
ONE MEMBERSHIP but a lot of ways to play

How we schedule play and the many programs & event we offer!  
What makes us unique from a typical municipal court with no organization is how we schedule play and organize events.  As a member you can actually schedule play to meet your own  calendar and be assured that there will be people there to play and no long waits. And guarantee the quality of play during that session is meeting to your or competitive. You will have your own personal means to reserve your spot for events.

A typical weekly calendar for using our scheduling software is below.
Based on the events use, you can use your phone app or computer to reserve a spot under your name and also know who else signed up for that event. We allow members to schedule up to 6 days in advance and have a wait list function in case someone cancels, that spot can be filled again.

This is an example of a weekly schedule (click image to enlarge)

img_PB sample weekly schedule  Opens in new window

New Members Classes & Assist Program 

We encourage people new to pickleball to start with our PB-1 class to learn the correct way to play pickleball.  We have taught hundreds of people how to play the game and the class includes a paddle and ball to get you started. When you join CTPA  we created a new member assist program staffed by experienced CTPA volunteers to help introduce you to the courts, in how to sign up for sessions and will have their own court times available for you to get playing quickly in a no pressure environment.  

Many people ask who are new to pickleball  if they can join CTPA without taking PB-1 and the answer is YES, But you must own a paddle and know the rules.  Consider that PB-1 includes a paddle, a ball and 2 hour of lessons PLUS a $30 off membership, you are getting much more than what you are paying for the course.  But we also understand that classes fill up fast and some people do not want to wait until the next class. More information, PB-1/FastTrack

Early Learners Program
Early Learners is not a beginner’s class, its purpose is to help knowledgeable players develop better playing skills by emphasizing forehand, backhand, serving and all basic pickleball strokes. Game play is part of each session. All players attending receive individual attention. A ratio of 1 to 4 students to a coordinator is the norm.  This class also helps players gain more confidence in their pickleball skills. Players can continue to develop their pickleball skillset by attending the Academy Classes offered through CTPA.

Open Play - Fun Play 
From our recent survey we discovered that a lot of players just want to play for fun & exercise and have little interest and even dislike playing against players who are very competitive. This is why we have expanded to wide variety of games that are played with fun fitness and friends. Games like UP/DOWN Split, Winners stays on and split, round robins and other games allow for a fun experience and the ability to play with friends of different skill level.

More Serious Play 
We are one of the few PB clubs in nation that rank our members for better play.   See rating procedures on the left hand tab of this page for more details of our club rating system.  But, what it does is assures you quality level play against opponents for equal skills and many opportunities to play against players better than you in match or ladder play.   

We have members who live several hours away because they can be assured to be able to play against for equal level vetted through our rating system. Our club evaluation procedure for rating has been very well received by members.

IMPROVE YOUR LEVEL OF PLAY!   Pickleball Academy

Our Pickleball Academy consists of over 40 different level specific clinics. For our new players we have the Foundation Series, with the specific goal of developing stroke, foot positioning and the proper fundamental techniques to build a strong foundation to build upon in the future.   

The Progression Series are level specific clinics starting with 3.0, then 3.5 and 4.0. Three levels of clinics focused on one single pickleball skills. To show you the proper techniques to be a better player.

While many of our members do not care about ratings, they still want to play a better game.  Its a fact that the better you are the more you enjoy the game.  The Pickleball Academy will make a better player out of our members.

Don’t be turned off with all this Rating talk......we have a lot enjoyable and fun games.
If you are a casual or social players you do not need to get a higher rating,  Don’t be turned off by ratings....there are many games out there that rating is not even an issue. Many members never even play level play. So if you just want to play and have fun there are a lot of options for you.   See "CTPA games" on the left hand tab of this page for all the games we play.   

About 15% just want to play for fun. They have no interest to be rated or even care if they win or lose. They are there with Friends, having Fun And Getting Exercise.     

Another 15% of our members are very serious about the game. Pickleball is a passion and they want to play very competitive matches, focused on improving and a lot interested in tournament play.

And, about 70% of our member want  the opportunity to test their skills in match & ladder play and want to improve to get to the next higher "Club rating".  But, they also want to at times  have fun and play in a no-pressure environment in games like UP/Down-Split, Round Robins, and Challenge Courts.   .

ONE MEMBERSHIP but a lot of ways to play. 
PICKLEBALL the way YOU want to play.

Memberships are not refundable for any reason.  Please consider a CTPA membership good for excellent outdoor play from April to October and consider  any play between November & March, indoor & outdoor as a bonus to your membership. 

Outdoor courts may be closed during the winter and indoor play is subject to availability and changes year to year. Membership are based on a calendar year.