PB-1/Fast Track Clinic & Early Player Development Program

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CTPA PB-1/ Early Player Development Program: Beginners Class  

Why is our clinic is the best way to learn the game?  First it includes a paddle to keep and you will need it because the course  includes an additional 2-hr  Early Player Development sessions and all together up to 4 hours long.   The first 2 hours is a 4 student to 1 teacher ratio, and the next  Early Player Development session have skilled players helping to progress your game in normal play.   Compare this to a freebie, one hour session where you borrow the paddles.   What do you use if you want to practice or play again?   That's why we give you a beginners paddle to keep, so you can continue and decide if this game is for you.   That's what Early Learners help you decide without having to buy an expensive paddle. As of  2023 we taught 1500 students and we continue to teach about 400 students per year the "correct way" to learn the game of pickleball.    

Taking PB-1 then qualifies you to continue taking additional Early Learners classes a a full or weekend member.   There will be a small charge for additional Early Player Development clinics and the opportunity to join ladders and other events specific to your level, again all at small fees.

Online Registration    We are bringing PB-1/FT clinics to Graham Park Pickleball Courts once a month    To find the availability of the next classes hit this link below and enter "CTPA" in the search bar, and click on "Search"
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Program Fee:  $89.  Resident Discount Fee: $82   (4 students per court per dedicated instructor)

This is a great introduction to pickleball developed by us after teaching hundreds of students. It consists of up to 4 hours of instructions and includes a paddle and ball to keep and take home and priority waitlist.to become a member. 

You will learn scoring, terminology, and rules. The first 2-hr clinic will be 4 students on one court with one instructor.  There we will teach you by FIRST shot, SECOND shot, THIRD Shot, etc.  The First shot in pickleball is the serve and the serve should be in 99.9% of the time.  

We will introduce you to the do's and don'ts in serving to start building a reliable serve. The second shot is the return, we will teach you where to place the second shot and why.  And how to take advantage of a bad serve. The 3rd, 4th, 5th etc. shots is where the strategy of pickleball gets into play and where you should be in relationship of the court during all these shots.  By the end of the clinic you will be playing pickleball.  Then, at no extra cost, you will be invited to join us outdoors for our Early Player Development sessions.  This session will have CTPA volunteers to further help develop and improve your game while you  playing with fellow students of the same level.  

That is a great package and a great way to learn a fun game.   Plus a chance to continue as a Full Member or a weekend member.

To see the Class Student Agenda for PB-1/Fast Track Early Player Development Program, click here

Pickleball player"The PB-1/Fast Track Clinic was beyond my expectations!  It was so organized. Materials were given to participants even before the clinic and they were really beneficial. The instructors were so knowledgeable, patient and eager to teach. I truly learned a great deal. But most importantly, I had a lot of fun!!" - Joan Gohh

PRIVATE CTPA PB-1/Fast Track Clinic & Early Player Development  Program

You do not want to wait for one of the scheduled classes listed above?

You do not want to wait for one of the classes above or prefer to have a private clinic just with your own family or friends?  Or maybe you just want  one on one instruction?   We now offer outdoor private clinics for up to 4 students.

The format of the private 2-hr clinic  will be almost identical to above but will be held on our outdoor courts being taught by a skilled  CTPA member.  It includes everything as listed above in the CTPA PB-1/Fast Track Clinic.  The Early Player Development Program will be the same sessions as the normal class attends.     The private clinic will be held on our outdoor courts and held at a mutually agreed day & time and based on our availability of our schedule. 

How does this work?   Go to the above link online  or call, and sign up and pay for one of the private sessions.   You will then be contacted by a CTPA member to set up a time & day to hold the private clinic.  Once the 2-hr clinic is completed, you will then be entered into our Early Player Development(EPD) Program for up to an additional  2-hr session.  EPD are not private sessions but played with others.  The prices below are to be paid by one person and not split into multiple payments based on the number of students involved.  

  • Private PB-1/Fast Track Clinic for Up to 4 people; $525

  • Contact brucemazzoni@zoominternet.net  for additional questions or to set up a private PB-1.