Millie's Ice Cream

MilliesIceCream2021The Scoop! Millie’s Offering Tasty Treats

The new Millie’s Ice Cream location on Route 19 is easy to spot – even if the building itself lacks the familiar black cow spots of businesses past.

The building has housed various ice cream shops over the decades, including the former Cranberry Creamery, which rose from the surrounding fields and forests with its bovine-like color scheme.

Now, the building stands out with its bright pink paintjob, a beacon for those craving homemade frozen treats.

But don’t be fooled – Millie’s is much more than a flashy building. The Pittsburgh-based brand was founded in 2014 by Chad Townsend, who after years of working as a chef in various Steel City restaurants decided to try something new. After trying his hand at making ice cream at home, he and his wife, Lauren, branched out to the community via a delivery service and, eventually, the original Millie’s Ice Cream Works in Shadyside.

Seven years and multiple locations later, Millie’s comes to Cranberry offering locally sourced, made-from-scratch ice cream, milkshakes, and floats. Outside of the traditional favorites, the shop also offers gluten free options.  

Currently, the Cranberry location is open Fridays and Saturdays, with plans for an expanded schedule as the weather warms. The owners also have their eyes set on the large backyard area of the location, which is perfectly fit for hosting live music and events.

Be sure to check out Millie’s – you can’t miss it.  Millie's on Rt. 19 (take-out only)