Cranberry Township residents have access to seemingly endless health and fitness clubs.

CycleBar, new to Streets of Cranberry, is raising the bar and offering workouts to all types of body types. The popular boutique fitness studio has already entertained, energized, and motivated hundreds of patrons – and their ride is just getting started.

CycleBar is a part of Xponential Fitness Company, the world’s largest boutique fitness brand which owns other successful franchises like Stretch Lab, Pure Barre, and YogaSix. The studio offers five styles of indoor cycling workouts, each driven by music and led by a certified instructor.

The styles differ in tempo and atmosphere, but no matter the class, a fun and effective workout is guaranteed.

Cycling is a low-impact, full-body exercise that puts less stress on knees and ankles than other aerobic activities like running or jogging. Regular cycling can improve physical and mental health by decreasing stress, strengthening cardiovascular muscles, and improving overall strength and coordination.

Before class, cyclists are greeted by a CycleBar staff member and instructed to pick up a pair of cycling shoes and drop off any belongings in a locker. Then, the fun begins.

Cyclists enter the ‘theater’ - a large room filled with rows of stationary bikes and begin warming up.

Once the instructor takes their seat, it’s time to sweat.

“My favorite thing about CycleBar is that it’s a really inclusive workout,” said Sophie Carroll, manager of the Cranberry location. “The workouts are low-impact, fun, and safe for everyone. The community aspect of CycleBar is also very special. Our riders become friends and motivate each other through the workouts.”

And with over 380 locations and 200 coming soon, the CycleBar community is growing rapidly. Riders are encouraged to connect with each other on social media and share photos after they ‘rock their ride’.

There are plenty of classes that will certainly “work out” with your schedule. Visit to schedule your peddle.

Cyclebar Soft Opening 12-13-2022 (75)