Tutoring in the Library

1. Cranberry Public Library does not sponsor, recommend or assume liability or responsibility for the work or activities of tutors using the library. 

2. Tutors may not post, publish or distribute advertisements or letters indicating the library as their place of business or imply library sponsorship of their activity. 

3. Tutors must understand and abide by all library rules and regulations concerning Internet and cell phone use, courtesy to other patrons, food and beverages.

4. Tutors may use the small meeting rooms in the Harmony Hall area. However, use of these rooms is only guaranteed to those who schedule them, pay the established fee for use, and read, sign, and abide by the Meeting Room Use Policy. Free use of these rooms is limited to 2 hours per day; use beyond 2 hours will be charged at the hourly rate.

5. Seating and tables in the library are provided on a first come basis with priority given to those using library materials. Persons using library table space for tutoring activities may be asked to give up their seats if no table seating is available for regular library users. Tutors are encouraged to use the study carrels and tables near the library front windows.

6. Tutors must furnish all supplies and are responsible for removing all paper trash from the tables upon leaving. 

7. The library will not provide storage for tutors' material, nor will the library be responsible for any materials left by tutors. 

8. The library cannot relay messages or materials on behalf of students and tutors. 

Cranberry Public Library Policy, Approved September 19, 2005; Revised October 23, 2014