Fire & Emergency Services

Fire & Emergency Services

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services provides support to the volunteer fire department, fire police, emergency management coordinator, and emergency medical services in Cranberry.

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CTVFC is a volunteer organization providing fire and rescue services to Cranberry Township. The Company is dispatched by Butler County 911, which also dispatches emergency calls for police and ambulance service in Cranberry. 

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2022 CTVFC Annual Report

Crews from Cranberry and mutual aid organizations staffed the Route 19 firehouse for 24 hours and got hands-on training on 20 scenarios. Watch the Training Blitz video!

Public Safety Training Complex

Cranberry Township and the Cranberry Township Volunteer Fire Company (CTVFC) encourage the use of the PSTC by outside organizations for emergency preparedness training and individual and group education, on topics related to the fire and emergency services. View the Complex

Request to reserve the complex for a training event or meeting, Facility Request Form

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