New Members Introductions & Procedures

Welcome:  We received your membership information 

Helpful Information below and on the side tab

This information is to help answer some questions you may have until one of our volunteers are in contact with you for further dialog.  All items referenced here are on the side tab if you are interested in more details.

Court Reserve:  This is our scheduling software.  As soon as you become a member we list you in Court Reserve and you should get an email with a link asking you to register and establish a password.  Please do this immediately and answer the additional questions for your profile. In the email will be a video link to show you how to do this step by step.    This information is important to us to help with future scheduling of events.  You will not be able to sign into Court Reserve if you did not use the link provided to you in the email.  This is the most important tool you will have to schedule your play.   Their is also an app for your phone that we recommend you download.

How do I schedule to play?   It is very important that you feel comfortable and know how to schedule your play using Court Reserve. You can do it on your computer, I-pad or mobile phone.   You must register to play and we strongly discourage that you just show up as you may not have a spot available to you as many sessions will be limited. 

Try to sign up for events at least 24 hours in advance to secure your spot on the court. Courts may be reallocated based on interest within 24 hours of an event. If a group has more than one court assignment and not enough players for foursomes on each court, courts may be reassigned to groups that have enough foursomes signed up to fill the additional courts.   Know many events cannot accommodate you as a person who just shows up without signing up.   Please use Court Reserve and sign up for all events.

Displaying Membership Cards:   We use membership cards, so we can ensure only paid CTPA members can play during CTPA times and indoors at a discounted rate.  We do this because as CTPA members we are helping to pay off the debt of the courts and have a goal to expand additional courts in the future.  Your membership fees help to generate the revenue to accomplish this.  In exchange, the township allows CTPA members only,  to use the courts  from 6AM to 1PM and 5PM to 9PM.  Your membership card must be displayed one of three ways:

  1. You can put your card on the fence posts between courts when you are playing. When you move to another court you should move your card.
  2. You can pin the card to your shoe, hat or clothing. 
  3. You can get a card holder and pin your card to your backpack but only if you hang your bag  high on the fence with your card clearly showing on your backpack.  You cannot put a card on a duffel bag, or a bag placed on the ground or chair or leaning against the fence.  Again, the bag must hang, and the card must be clearly displayed with the photo shown. 

If you find someone left their membership card behind, put the card in the locked mailbox on Court 1 and the card will be returned to the owner.

You can replace a lost membership card at Parks & Recreation Customer Service for $20 but you should contact your session coordinator first to see if the card can be located.

What if people are playing without membership cards?  Remember it is your membership fees that helps to pay for the courts.  Having non-members playing during CTPA times is not fair to all the members who did pay for the right to do so.   If the person is unfamiliar or playing with wood paddles  then most likely they are not CTPA members and are using your court while you are waiting.  We encourage all members to politely ask those players for their membership cards.(and is why we ask you to display them!)   If they do not have one, then politely let them know that they need to be members to play and refer them to the bulletin board for further details.  If they do not leave, then notify a CTPA session coordinator to handle the situation. Please be polite and encourage them to think about joining CTPA as we would like as many new members as possible

Ratings:  If you are an Early Learner or someone who does not want to be rated, we have a variety of assisted play and other fun games available for you and your friends to play without any pressures.  Never feel you must get a rating.  For all others, you will see we have three methods of rating as describe in "rating Procedures" on the tab to the left and much more information can be found on our “member section” and scroll down to about halfway under the title of “Ratings”.  

Improving your game - CTPA Pickleball Academy: (Starting June 2019)  Just like any sport, understanding the fundamentals and developing proper techniques is what helps you become a better player. Becoming a better player helps you to enjoy the game more. We have a series of 20+ courses designed to help develop your game.  Most clinics are priced very competitively and have limited seats, so we can better control our student/teacher ratio.   

Also, we offer private and semi-private lessons with very qualified instructors at a low members fee.  You can get more information on the scheduling of the Pickleball Academy from our web site.

Academy, Ladder League, Shootout, tournaments:  These are all fee-based events where we organize, dedicate court time and provide balls. These events can be paid for in most cases directly on Court Reserve but there may be times we will be using the Cranberry Township Registration system. In all cases, we will notify all members of upcoming events like these.    

Refund Policy: You can cancel from most Court Reserve events for full credit at various times which is listed for that event..  Credit will be applied to your account and not back to your credit card.   This includes events that are cancelled due to weather, events cancel because there are not enough people signed up to hold the event, if an instructor becomes ill, or any other items not listed.   Club credit will be able to be  used for any Court Reserve fee event, lessons, clinic, memberships, etc..   If you decide not to renew your membership  and you still have club credit, the township will issue a check at that time.  

Types of Play that we offer: We will offer many types of play (See tab on left for more details)  They include:

  • Level Play:  Playing with members of about your own level.
  • Multi-level Play: We will have times where we will combine two levels to play together.
  • Up/Down Split:  A fun game that is timed so all the courts finish at the same time. If your team wins you go up to the next court, if you lose you go to the lower court.  You team will split, and you will have a new partner.  A perfect game to play with a friend or spouse when you are of different skill levels.
  • Challenge Courts:  You and a partner can play against any other team on the court.  If you win, you stay on the court and will be challenged by a new team.  If you lose, the winning team will stay on until they win three times then must exit the court to allow for two new teams to come in to play.
  • Ladder Leagues:  We will offer a variety of ladder leagues during the outdoor season and will notify everyone prior to each one.

EMERGENCY:  For any emergency on court or off dial 911 for immediate help. 

Volunteers:  CTPA is a volunteer organization.  If you can volunteer, please let us know.  From a Session Coordinator to helping new members, to running a ladder we have a variety of needs and encourage everyone to be involved. Therefore, contact us to help make our organization that much better.

Memberships are not refundable for any reason.  Please consider a CTPA membership good for excellent outdoor play from mid-April to October and consider any play between November and mid-April, indoor & outdoor as a bonus to your membership.  

Questions:  If you have any questions please feel free to ask another member or email  Bruce Mazzoni

We want you to have a GREAT experience with pickleball and CTPA.  If you are not happy with something, please contact us and we will listen and do our best to resolve any situation.