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Map #, Contact Information, Development Description and Approval Dates

   #1  Atria Continuing Care/Personal Care Facility
Construction of a four (4) floor, 183 unit, 235,724 square foot Continuing Care/Personal Care Facility to be located at 3020 Facility to be located at 3020 Fairport Lane in Phase 2 of the Village of Cranberry Woods Development on 7.58 acres in the CCD-2 zoning district. 
Contact: Formation Development Group LLC, 770-777-9898.
Approval: BOS approval - 4/5/18​
  #2 Madison Heights
Construction of thirty-four (34) single family residential lots in the R-1 zoning district on Freshcorn Road.
Contact: Madison Heights Associates, 724-776-2727.
Approval: BOS approval – 6/3/04​
  #3  Elmhurst Development - 195 Thorn Hill Road
Construction of a one (1) story, 60,617 square foot Office/Distribution Warehouse facility at 195 Thorn Hill Road on 16.5 acres in the SP-1 zoning district.
Contact: CW Development, 412-281-8731
Approval: BOS approval 6/2/16
   #4 Forest Edge
Construction of Final Phase 1 (32 single family residential lots), Final Phase 2A (10 single family residential lots), Phase 2B (17 single family residential lots) and Phase 3 (41 single family residential lots) located along Hope Road on 65 acres in the R-1 zoning district.
Contact: Forest Edge LP, 724-935-2424.
Approval: BOS approval 3/31/16​
   #5  Meeder, Phase 1
Construction of Phase 1 consisting of 26,299 square foot of Retail Use, 21 single family residential lots, 100 townhouse units, and 28 second floor residential units to be located in the Meeder development between Rochester Road, Unionville Road, Ogle View Road and Route 19 on 28.5 acres in the CCD-2 zoning district.   
Contact: Rochester Road Investment Company, 717-560-1400
Approval: BOS approval - 10/11/2018

Meeder, Phase 4
Construction of Phase 4 consisting of two (2) apartment buildings:  Building 289:  48,090 square foot, 138 unit apartment building with integral clubhouse to be located at 1000 Strand Drive and Building 288:  43,400 square foot, 138 unit apartment building with pool to be located at 2000 Strand Drive within the Meeder Development in the CCD-2 zoning district.  
Contact:  Watermark at Cranberry PA, LLC, 317-454-8029 
Approval:  BOS approval - 6/6/2019

   #6 Grace Community Church
Construction of a two (2) story, 51,910 square foot addition to an existing Religious Establishment located at 9160 Marshall Road in the SP-1 zoning district.
Contact: Grace Community Church, 724-779-7997.
Approval: BOS approval – 1/31/19​
   #7 Cranberry Springs 1-D-2 
Construction of two (2), one (1) story buildings: 10,224 square foot multi-tenant building and 4,003 square foot multi-tenant building.  Retail and Restaurant uses are proposed for each building.  These buildings will be located at 2075 and 2085 Mackenzie Way in the Cranberry Springs development on approximately 2 acres in the C-3 zoning district.
Contact: Sippel Enterprises, 724-935-2400 ​
Approval: BOS approval 5/3/18
#8 Reserve at Eagle Hill
​​Construction of ninety-three (93) townhouse units on 24.68 acres in the R-3 zoning district.
Contact: Shawnee Cranberry LLC, 513-340-7200. ​
Approval: BOS approval - 6/29/17​
   #9 Franklin Square
Construction of a one story, 11,000 square foot, Large Retail development located at 1656 Route 228 on 1.4 acres in the C-2 zoning district.
Contact: Mansfield Capital, LLC, 412-848-2666.
Approval: BOS approval - 3/2/17
   #10 Eagle Ridge
Construction of twenty-two (22) single family residential lots located along Old Ehrman Road.
Contact: Eagle Ridge Group, 412-418-8520.
Approval: BOS approval – 8/25/16
   #11 Nuvo Self Storage
Construction of a three (3) story, 90,430 square foot Mini-Warehouse Facility to be located at 20709 Route 19 on approximately 2.23 acres in the TLI zoning district.
Contact: IP Nuvo, LLC, 321-203-4901
Approval: BOS approval - 8/2/18​
   #12 Knockout Lot 1A
Construction of a one story, 7,680 square foot, Large Retail building to be located at 1720  Route 228 in the SU-1 zoning district.
Contact:  Creative Real Estate Dev. Co., 724-776-2727 
Approval: BOS approval - 6/7/18​
  #13 Courtyards at Willow Grove
Construction of twenty-seven (27) single family residential lots located along North Boundary Road on 15 acres in the R-2 zoning district.
Contact: Willow Grove LP, 724-625-7800.
Approval: BOS approval - 5/2/2019​
   #14 Cranberry Square Annex
Construction of a 3,850 square foot building in a Neighborhood Shopping Center for Retail Use located at 20269 Route 19 within the Cranberry Square Annex on 3.5 acres in the C-3 zoning district.
Contact: Manor Development Group II, 724-934-2720.
Approval: BOS Approval 11/3/16​
   #15  Traditions of America
Construction of one hundred three (103) Single Family Residential lots located along Rochester Road on approximately 47.94 acres in the PRD zoning district.
Approval: BOS approval - 6/1/17​
   #16 Cranberry Express Car Wash
Construction of a one story, 5226 square foot Automobile Wash to be located at 1335 Old Freedom Road on 1.1 acres in the C-3 zoning district. 
Contact: BRP3, LLC, 317-428-8330.
Approval: BOS approval - 10/11/18​
   #17 Ehrman Farms, Phase 9
Construction of twenty-two (22) Single Family Residential lots located along Old Ehrman Road on approximately 16.7 acres in the PRD zoning district.
Contact: Ehrman Farms LP., 412-835-9013.
Approval: BOS approval - 7/30/13
   #18  Ron Lewis Display Area
Construction of a Vehicle Display Area consisting of 50 spaces on .931 acres located at 21191 Route 19 in the PIC zoning district.
Contact: Barron Agency, 724-452-4040.
Approval: BOS approval - 9/5/19
   #19 Village of Cranberry Woods, Phase 2
Construction of a 63,363 square foot Community Character Development and Large Land Development including Office, Large Retail, Hotel (361 rooms), a four (4) floor, 183 unit, 235,724 square foot Continuing Care/Personal Care facility, and 300 total residential units in the form of townhomes, live/work townhomes and apartment units located along Longtree Way and Cranberry Woods Drive on 57.11 acres in the CCD-2 zoning district.
Contact: VC Woods Associates LP, 412-281-1881.
Approval: BOS approval - 5/6/2015​
   #20 Cranberry Springs, Phase 1-D-1
Construction of a 19,678 square foot Office, Restaurant, Retail building within the Cranberry Springs development at 2080 Mackenzie Way on approximately 4.13 acres in the C-3 zoning district.
Contact: Sippel Enterprises LP, 724-935-2400.
Approval: BOS approval - 10/6/16
  #21 The Healing Center
Construction of a two story, 10,680 square foot medical marijuana sales facility to be located at 270 Executive Drive on approximately 2.6 acres in the SU-1 zoning district.
Contact: Executive Drive Holdings LLC, 412-973-2722.
Approval: BOS approval - 6/30/16
   #22 Park Place
Construction of Final Phases 4 and 6 consisting of ninety-five (95) residential units (41 single family lots and 54 townhouse units)
Contact: Park Place Marketing, 724-776-2727.
Approval: BOS approval - 12/7/17​ 
​Final Phase 4 - twenty-five (25) single family lots
Approval:  BOS approval - 12/7/17
​Final Phase 6 - sixteen (16) single family lots and fifty-four (54) townhouse units
  #23 JPMorgan Chase Bank
Construction of a one story, 3,470 square foot Financial Institution with Drive-Thru to be located at 1338 Freedom Road  on approximately .94 acre in the C-3 zoning district.
Contact: JPMorgan Chase Bank, 614-213-2569.
Approval: BOS approval - 6/6/2019
  #24 Cranberry Family Dentistry
Construction of a 5,083 square foot Office building on 1 acre located at 9002 Marshall Road in the SP-1 zoning district.
Contact:  Dr. Brian Rosenzweig, 412-780-7595
Approval:  BOS approval - 9/5/2019

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